About AXBL-Lite

AXBL-Lite Returns to the USA as an Official PSP Affiliate League, The American Xtreme Paintball League (AXBL) is excited to announce its return to the USA as the AXBL-Lite. The AXBL-Lite is a modified version of the AXBL format. This is in the continued effort to keep the expenses of paintball tournaments affordable.

The AXBL has also announced that Steve Rabackoff will be the commissioner of the series. “Steve has an impressive background with over 20 years of professional paintball experience. He has played paintball in tournaments around the world and has managed regional and national paintball events at all levels. He understands what players and teams expect in a league. Steve will be a great addition to the AXBL,” commented Louie D’Alesio, Canadian Xtreme Paintball League (CXBL) commissioner.

The AXBL-Lite will be using the PSP RaceTo format for the season and will utilize the PSP rules and the APPA identification card classifications.

“The opportunity to work with the CXBL, the premier league in Canada, is amazing. I am looking forward to getting the league started in the Southwest and Mid Atlantic Divisions, as well as working with PSP events as an official affiliate league,” said Steve Rabackoff, AXBL commissioner.

The Xtreme Paintball League… “Making Good Players Great”

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